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Ordering Numbers

Here are several variations of one task. The task asks students to arrange quantities (such as 4/7, 5/8, and 5/9) in order from greatest to least. Each version of the task  presents students with different types of quantities (ex: rational numbers, multiplication expressions) allowing you to select (or design!!) the task that matches the content you are teaching. We would love to collect many variations of this task, so if you make modifications, please send them to us for posting on this webpage.



Content: Comparing fractions and decimals

Grade Level: 4th

PDF file:Ordering Numbers Task.pdf

Word file:Ordering Numbers Task.docx



Content: Comparing multiplication expressions

Grade Level: 3rd

PDF file: Ordering Numbers Task Multiplication.pdf

Word file: Ordering Numbers Task Multiplication.docx



Content: Comparing quantities in the millions and hundred thousands

Grade Level: 4th

PDF file: Ordering Numbers Large Numbers.pdf

Word file: Ordering Numbers Large Numbers.docx

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  1. Sharon Friedman

    Just FYI–Rational Numbers Variation is not Grade 4 content. It should be Grade 6, or Grade 5. Grade 4 students don’t work with decimals or fractions in those ways. Thanks for the site and for sharing your work!

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