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  1. Ryan Keeley

    Hi. I am a math teacher coach for Berkeley Unified and I am doing a cycle with a teacher interested in group roles. Is there a resource that lists group roles or shows agendas for group work?

    1. Lisa Jilk

      Hi Ryan,
      From what I can tell, no one responded to your inquiry about group roles, unless they contacted you directly. I apologize if I’m overloading you with duplicate information.

      You can find ideas about roles that we use with Complex Instruction in a few places. Here are some resources that I’d recommend:
      1) Designing Groupwork by E.Cohen and R. Lotan
      2) Smarter Together! by Featherstone et al.
      3) Mathematics for Equity:–A-Framework-for-Successful-Practice/

      Have fun!

  2. Colin Ashcroft

    Hello, I’ve started to begin research within teaching and learning within my secondary school in the UK. We have a number of challenging classes where my colleagues and I believe Complex Instruction using group activites will hopefully increase engagement and therefore progress.

    We are willing to engage in trial programs and are currently working through several Enquiry Based research projects.

    We look forward to your suggestions of resources we could develop in the future.



    1. Lisa Jilk

      Hi Colin,
      I’d love to know more about the work you’re doing with CI in the UK. Were you at the schools were Jo Boaler was doing some things with CI when she was there? My email is jilklisa@gmail, and it’s easier to stay in touch that way rather than going through the blog. I’ve developed a PD program that supports middle and high school math departments to take up Complex Instruction and we have lots of ideas about what has and hasn’t worked for us over the past decade. Please be in touch if you’re interested in further conversation.


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