CIMath.org is a community of teachers and scholars who have come together to promote the use of complex instruction in mathematics classrooms. Join us in creating, fieldtesting, collaboratively critiquing, and disseminating groupworthy mathematics tasks.


Setting our Agenda: “Everyone does better when everyone does better.” – Paul Wellstone former U.S. Senator (D) Minnesota

I’ve spent the past nine years helping middle and high school math teachers implement complex instruction as their primary pedagogy. As part of this work, supporting in-service teachers to implement complex instruction in their math classrooms, I ask them to listen to Harvard Law Professor, Lani Guinier speaking at the 2009 State of the Black …

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Welcome to Complex Instruction Mathematics

This website is a collaborative effort of several folks, all interested in Complex Instruction and how it can address some of our concerns about learning mathematics. We, like many others, are troubled about the lack of equity in mathematics education. And we have found that the philosophy and instructional strategies of Complex Instruction have made …

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